A bit about Wasim Muklashy – Real Estate Photographer, Portland, Oregon


Wasim Muklashy At Point Lobos by Stephen ChiangWasim Muklashy is your property photography specialist, servicing all your Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington commercial property and residential real estate photography needs.

In addition to his award-winning nature, travel, conservation and fine art work, he has produced images for Samsung Camera as an official Imagelogger, virtual reality video for Superswell VR, a VR production studio he co-founded, and has been photographing high-end homes and properties for local real estate and property management companies, as well as popular vacation rental service Airbnb, for the better part of this decade.

Wasim also spends much of his time documenting and sharing the world’s natural spaces through the visual medium. Through that lens, he has created photography and video assets for clients including the National Park Service, California State Parks, the World Forestry Center and Outdoor Project. He is currently working with various nature organizations in the Pacific Northwest on virtual reality projects focused on our natural world with a goal of stoking the curiosity of a new generation of children by introducing them to the outdoors.

Before embracing photography full-time, he began his career writing for various Primedia and Conde Nast publications before founding his own music and lifestyle national newsstand print publication. His attentive eye for detail and keen editorial sense led him to spend 7 years as a Senior Editor and Creative Director, producing and editing award-winning marketing and commercial videos, assets, and corporate media packages for Fortune 500 companies including General Motors, Mattel, GAP, and Warner Brothers.

Wasim’s valuable experience and proven work history has led him to absorb and understand the marketing needs of today’s culture and society, which relies very heavily on initial visual stimulants to capture the audience’s attention. He’s here to provide those services to you.


Wall Street Journal says:
Adding at least one photo to a residential-real-estate listing increases the final sale price by up to 3.9%, says Ken H. Johnson, an associate professor of finance at Florida International University’s Hollo School of Real Estate. “If I was selling, I would put every picture I could on the listing, at a ratio of four to five interior vs. one exterior,” says Prof. Johnson. “We’re talking about a few extra weeks in marketing time to get that 3% to 5% increase on a home. That’s a good trade.”

Airbnb says:
“Professionally photographed listings get booked twice as often as those without professional photography.”

What Are The Clients Saying?

“Love the photos! Great shots! Thanks again and again!” -Cheryl, Airbnb.com client

“Love your photos!  Thanks so much… I’m speechless!” -Bibi, client

“They look AWESOME! Thank you so much. You did a beautiful job!” -Valerie, client

“The pics are posted and I LOVE them!” -Isabelle, client

“I get such compliments on your pictures…” -Miriam, client

“The pictures are AWESOME. I love it.” -Shoshana, client

“Your pictures look great. Thanks so much for taking the time to do it right.” -Gary, client

“I wanted to thank you so much for the GREAT pics you got of my place. It looks great, thanks to you.” -Robert, client

“The photos are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t believe how big & rich you made it look. You are a true artist.” -Carin, client

“Your images look amazing!” -Airbnb.com photo editor

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Wasim Muklashy – Real Estate Photographer, Portland, Oregon